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About Me

  • Nivel académico Maestría
  • Género Mujer

About me

To whom it may concern,

I can say advertising and marketing were not my primary passions in my life but when I grew up they become my number one. Marketing and communication influence us every day, at all times, in everything that we do, even when we don’t
want to pay attention to something, we unconsciously take it in and let it affect our decisions without we even know it. So, if this is happening to me right now, why not make it with something that drives me, something that actually makes me chills and I will proudly let it have an effect in my decisions.

But what where those passions and values that transformed me and created me to the person who I am today?

I can tell you there were not one, but three; dance, music and charity. Two of them can sound the same but the third one can sound totally opposite and I am here to tell you why it isn’t. I found through music and dance a way of communicating with the lowest and most scarce population of my city Barranquilla, Colombia. That the movements, the music, the beat, left every stereotype beside and just let us enjoy the moment and unify a country where the low, medium and high society are highly remarked.

Having the possibility to come from a country rich in culture, full of diversity and customs influenced by music and the essence of its carnival, as it is Barranquilla, Colombia. I have developed a devotion in the exploration and understanding
of different rhythms and cultures, and how the expression of art and music has the ability to go beyond worlds barriers and create synergies that were not ever thought capable. However, for me, I needed to understand how to really transmit and allow creativity be known and valued, the reason why, for me, Marketing has been the basis of my education.

I am a proactive, highly organized and over achiever person, with highly defined values and principles such as respect, equality, responsibility, solidarity and honesty, willing to challenge my skills daily, as well as I am true to my essence so I can achieve materialize ideas, I truly believe in, into deeds.

I have worked in both sides, at an agency as Account Executive and Manager, for several big brands like Diageo, Castrol, Huawei, Novartis among others, and at a company, Agilent Technology as Field Marketing for EMEAI, and what I have learned is that today it has become necessary to speak to real people and that to speak to them you have to understand them. As a marketing specialist, I am a person who must transmit intellect, knowledge and strategies, however, to manage to know how to
choose which is the right way, it is not easy.

I want to continue working in understanding changes in consumer and world’s behaviors in order to achieve effective results that benefit brands and society. Identifying the triggers of consumers and populations motivations and reactions to find opportunities in the market has become one of my greatest goals, as long as there is a consistency in the projection and communication of the essence of the brand or company.

I consider myself a young woman motivated to understand, know and learn about the psychology of human behavior, to identify what it is that truly makes us pay attention on a daily basis of what surround us, what moves us. It is important to challenge ourselves to go beyond to what our eyes can see. We need to know how to listen and understand, to be understood.

I believe building business relationships is building trust and every business must be handle correctly and with respect. Knowledge is power and I know that my path of finding my extroverted singularity is just beginning. I’m a fast learner, a team player, a devoted worker, positive leader and an eager student. I have learned that there is nothing from what we can’t learn something new. I’m not scared of asking questions or learning new things, I’m willing to say:“ I do not understand” and to ask for help.

I know I will be able to contribute a point of view full of knowledge, curiosities, colors, emotions, and external cultural behaviors that will make this an enriching experience. Combining know-hows will add a profound meaning to strategies and fearless moves. I’m willing to take that extra mile to make things work and one thing that’s really important for me is that there is no campaign a team can make if they have not live and feel what is actually happening. To be successful in
a campaign and transmit the right message and create the right image/picture/illustration or what I l would like to call “a work of art” you first need to live it in first hand, “get your hands dirty”.

I believe that wonder is the open door for big opportunities to empower my journey into marketing, pr and entertainment industry. It is the impulse to direct my professional career towards a path that embraces my passions and devotion for creating emotions; but mainly I consider it as a learning platform that will allow me to enhance my own vision, based on my abilities and capacities, to become a great leader and a game changer in this industry.

Best regards,


JulianGuarin Barkach
General Executive Creative Director at Geometry Colombia julian.guarin@geometry.com

Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist at Agilent Technologies ivan.navarro-crane7@agilent.com


  • Master en Dirección de Marketing y Gestión Comercial Minor en Neuromarketing (2018 - 2019) EAE Business School & Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

    Madrid, España

  • Publicista (2012 - 2017) Fundación Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano

    Bogotá, Colombia

Work & Experience

  • Geometry Colombi (2017 - 2017 ) Account Executive Intern

    In this position I had the opportunity to perform executive duties for accounts such as Daimler, COTTON USA, Wingo, Itau, Twitter, Castrol and GSK, working with them on BTL experiences, ATL communications, digital strategies, behavioral and type of shopper consumption analysis, international events, concept creation and 360 ° campaigns.

  • Agilent Technologies (2019 - 2020 ) Field Marketing EMEAI Intern

    Supporting the work model for the EMEAI region by developing and executing marketing and communications strategies, aimed at increasing leads, growth rates, positioning, competitiveness and organizational profitability for DGG Genomics and Pathology events. Responsible for campaigns marketing plan agenda and deadlines, marketing and communications graphic designs for stands, booklets, flyers and brochures. Likewise, leading and creating content for e-Marketing and Social Media campaigns. As well as, structuring e-Marketing campaigns analytics, attending merchandising needs and administer and operate warehouse and shipments logistics.

  • Geometry Colombia (2017 - 2018 ) Account Executive

    Account executive for the following clients: Grupo AVAL, Castrol, Diageo (ON and OFF Trade) , Huawei (Honor) and Claro. ▪ Responsible for the permanent relationship with the client, in addition to receiving and analyzing work requests according to the communication needs for the construction and realization of launch projects, maintenance or special brand events. ▪ Coordinate the different areas of the agency, supporting the development of budgets, strategies and creative process of campaigns. ▪ Follow-up of advertising campaigns, research and daily reports to identify points of improvement and opportunities in the market. ▪ Work together with different agencies of the media to carry out 360o advertising campaigns. ▪ In charge of receiving bidding briefs and developing the proposal to present to new or existing clients. Achievements We managed to win big contracts for Geometry like Claro SAEM, Castrol and Huawei; as well as the consolidation of DIAGEO accounts, generating experiences with effective results.

  • Geometry Colombia (2020 - 2021 ) Account Manager

    Account manager for the client of Novartis. Responsible for the permanent relationship with the client, in addition to receiving and analyzing work requests according to the communication needs for the construction and realization of launch projects, digital or social media campaigns, live broadcast events or government campaigns, depending on the therapeutic or pharmaceutical area that\'s being handled, as well as the creation of the budget beside the production team of Geometry. Follow-up of advertising campaigns, research and daily reports to identify points of improvement and opportunities. Responsible for the reconstruction of the matrix and design of the Andean website, besides the creative and digital team of Geometry. Always maintaining the teamwork and connection between the Geometry\'s team, Novartis global team and the agencies working for Novartis in different departments and roles. Keep track of all projects and their budgets to meet timelines.