Sobaki Pavlova

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  • En qué año se fundó la empresa  2020

Descripción de la empresa

My name is Justin Bragg. I am an American business owner and life/dating coach. Recently, along with my business partner, I have created a new startup company for integrated wellness. The company’s name is Sobaki Pavlova, but we will be marketed by other brand names that we are developing.

The company will offer various services for wellness: things not performed by a doctor or psychologist. Our therapists, coaches, and instructors will work with clients to achieve their life goals while improving their health and even finding companionship. We use proven techniques in behavior and cognitive psychology. Our strategy is to focus on several niche markets to find high-paying but underserved clients. Our clients will speak English, Russian, and Spanish; and we have potential plans to expand to Udmurt, Korean, Mandarin, Arabic, and Portuguese.