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  • Sectores Desarrollo y Tecnología
  • Número de empleados +100
  • Cuántas contrataciones hacen mensualmente 3
  • En qué año se fundó la empresa 2016

Descripción de la empresa

Leal is the only information platform in LATAM that, by leveraging effective loyalty programs, allows brick and mortar merchants to truly understand who their customers are, what they buy, and what they are saying about their brands. While most rewards programs today are growing weaker and weaker, Leal has the highest retention rate in the industry because of its frictionless customer and retailer experience. Consumers can enjoy having all of their favorite brands’​ loyalty programs in a single app or card, that they will use to earn points they can later redeem for rewards. They can use those points as real currency and save money. For affiliated merchants, Leal is disrupting the way they interact with their customers by providing the necessary technology to compete in a digital world. Leal provides the data needed to interact with customers and significantly increase sales and engagement. We’ve built a robust platform with a proprietary technology for Point-of-sale integrations, payment processor integrations, and actionable analytics.