Digital Media Buyer

  • Buen Tipo Anchor
  • Salario 2300000-2800000 Mensual Tiempo completo
  • Publicado 4 semanas ago
  • Fecha de Publicación : mayo 25, 2021
  • Bogotá D.C., Colombia, 110131 Ver en el mapa

Detalles del trabajo

  • Experiencia 2 años
  • Trabajo presencial o remoto Remoto

Descripción del trabajo

At Buentipo Anchor, we’re looking for a Bilingual Media Buyer (Tráfficker Digital) with a minimum of 2 years experience implementing successful, results-oriented digital strategies. Understanding of the buyer’s journey and funnel strategy for online conversions. Proficient in working with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Analytics, Retargeting providers and Programmatic purchases. Should also have some competence and familiarity with analysis and optimizations to improve results.


  • Implement, Maintain, and Optimize digital campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Display Ads, Snapchat.
  • Adopt the process and conventions to keep an organized naming system of the different campaigns and ads.
  • Constantly keeping up with the best practices and know-how of the various platforms that can improve their performance.
  • Budget management inside of the platforms – Keeping track of the daily spend and pacing.


  • Data Analysis, able to identify insights and general trends regarding the campaign’s KPIs and objectives.
  • Cross-Platform Management proficiency.
  • Good reading and writing skills to deal directly with the various providers.
  • Able to solve issues, not only technical, but also practical. Should be able to figure things out.
  • English Proficiency for a profesional environment.
  • If you’re interested, and you think you fit the role, please leave your Resume and your Salary Expectations

Send your resume to stephany.taylor@buentipo.com and diego.lopez@buentipo.com

Habilidades requeridas

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