Prodigious Brand Logistics

Visión general

  • Sectores Desarrollo y Tecnología
  • Número de empleados  600
  • Cuántas contrataciones hacen mensualmente  6
  • En qué año se fundó la empresa  2013

Descripción de la empresa

Prodigious is a Publics Groupe’s production hub, Publicis is one of the largest communications groups in the world with over 80,0000 collaborators in over 100 countries. In Prodigious, we believe in the Power of One, for that we create an environment and a culture that allows high performing teams innovate and develop great experiences to our clients.

We are looking for highly talented and enthusiastic professionals that are passionate about Design, Digital Marketing, Code Quality, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Improvement. You will have the opportunity to work together with our clients, in a distributed agile environment, where leadership is required but also built along a senior team.